The Club

Recently acquired by Barceló Hotels and Resorts, the Occidental Vacation Club, initially Allegro Vacation Club, began selling vacation club memberships in 1993 with the vision of developing a different, innovative product that would appeal to the most demanding vacationer.

The dedication to providing unforgettable vacations to couples and families has signified constant growth to the Club and a very satisfied owner community of over 30,000 members. Being part of a full scale all-inclusive resort company, allows the club to offer properties that include multiple restaurants (in some cases up to 8), bars and entertainment facilities. This allows our Club to provide a membership with high service levels and amenities including: a fully stocked bar in the room, members lounge, private restaurants and exclusive beach areas, depending on the resort.

Our Destinations

Where do you want to go next?

Occidental Vacation Club resorts are located in some on the most paradisiac destinations in the world.

And now, as a part of Barceló Hotel Group, the options are growing even more! Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Aruba are just some of the options your membership has to offer. On top of that, our affiliated resorts offer our members additional destinations, from Colombia to Italy, the vacation possibilities are endless.

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Our Membership

A true measure of success!

The Occidental Vacation Club has had the unique vision of offering an attractive and different product to the timeshare market. With a strategy based on continuous innovation and a different approach to reaching out to potential clients focused on an "enhanced vacation experience" through which it offers its members many benefits that will surely provide memorable vacations.